Solar Resurgence

Session 3

Went hunting in the morning and ran into two Dogs of the Unbroken Earth, managed to placate them by giving them an offering from their hunt.
Group then went to small local village to get some gear/supplies and found the people there are being haunted by their dead loved ones during the night.
After speaking with ChiChi about the situation, players left to inspect the Tomb of Isumbra. At the entrance of the tomb the group encountered a small group of Priests and their guards too scared to enter the tomb. (Some of the guards appear to be slaves that were rescued by the players in Session 1.

Players noticed that ring of binding stones had been disturbed since their escape in Session 1. After entering the tomb players encountered dying slave that then vomited black sludge before expiring. Group of Priests attempt to open one of the sealed doors and release/draw the attention of the Animated corpse of the dead elephant from Session 1.
Kalosh, The Binding Chain Cast pheonix of fire spell to stop the elephant, accidentally setting the room on fire and killing all the priests and all but 2 guards.
Elephant is defeated by combined effort of the group and shadowy figure is seen leaving the corpse.


Vlorax Vlorax

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