Solar Resurgence

Session 4

Players escorted remaining slave/guard out of the temple and to the Priest’s former camp and left him there to re-enter the tomb.

Players entered newly opened hallway that the reanimated elephant corpse burst from. Find that the floor and walls are caked with blood and that the hallway leads to a massive pit of corpses that extends under the walls of the hallway and under the temple.

Four of the priests corpses rose as Bonesiders were joined by a Mortwright and attacked the players in the hallway. Kalosh, The Binding Chain was able to force Mortwright to become corporeal which enabled Leo Yaegar (Ozello Gray) to finish it off.

After the battle ended the players noted that the Sun had set and noises began to emanate from the direction of the bone pit.


Vlorax Vlorax

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