Dawn Caste warrior who doesn't know what to do with his new found freedom.


Age 19
A large man who has only known doing hard labor as a slave for his entire life. Nilir recognizes that his new found power and weapon has given him the freedom to become his own man, but doesn’t know what that path will be.
Never having a proper name, he decided to take the name of the only person who ever treated him like a human being.


I was sold very young, so I don’t know or remember who my parents or family was. I wasn’t given a name, and was used for labor pretty much the day I was able to carry stuff. From all the work, and beatings, I grew strong and resilient. The master, Fensir, of the family was a selfish and cruel man, and was prone to angry outbursts. I was only about 9 at the time when the master had a particularly violent outburst and killed his wife. He wasn’t aware that I was in the next room, and had heard the exchange. Fearing I would be next, I ran to another area of the house. Later, the master told us his wife was murdered by a slave attempting to escape. The slave was quickly sentenced to death, and taken away. I felt guilty, but didn’t think I could do anything. There were good things though too. The master also had a son, Nilir; about the same age as I. As we were the same age, I was allowed to play the master’s son, but with a clear division of status. Despite the rift, we became friends, and he was actually very kind; not just to me but all of the slaves. Much later, when I was about 19, I let slip about what I had heard between the master and his wife. I begged him not to confront his father, but he felt he needed to. Before confronting his father, Nilir had me go into town to deliver a letter to the magistrate. Master Fensir was outraged when Nilir confronted him about his mother. He demanded to know how he knew this. He didn’t give up my name, but the master was able to guess. He tricked Nilir into thinking he would atone for his crimes, and when Nilir’s defenses were down, Master Fensir killed his own son. He wanted to pin this death on me, and tried to find me. When he couldn’t, the master thought that I had tried to run away or was sent away by Nilir. So he went to the authorities to explain what happened, and try and do a man hunt. The magistrate knew right away he was lying because I was in one of his cells, and had been for several hours, at the request of Nilir. The master was found guilty of murdering his wife and son, and executed. His estate was divided up, and I was put in a caravan to be sold somewhere else.


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