Searing Chains

Searing Chains
Cost: 15sm, 1wp
Keywords: Decisive-only
Duration: Varies

The sorcerer picks a target within medium range, and rolls (Intellect + Occult) versus the target’s defense. If successful, black chains engulfed in cauterizing fire burst from the ground beneath the target, and bind it. The target is considered grappled for a number of rounds equal to the number of successes rolled for the initial casting. While grappled, the target must make a (Stamina + Resistance) roll each round against a difficulty of 4 or take (Higher of 3 or Essence) Lethal damage as the chains sear their flesh. The duration of the spell can be reduced by 1 round per chain that is broken.

Additionally, the caster of this spell may gather extra sorcerous motes before casting to bind selected targets that are within close range of the main target (5sm per extra target).

Any character with an Essence pool has access to the following ability:

• Blacken the Flesh (5m, 1wp; Reflexive; Instant; Decisive-only): The chains burn hotter than before, increasing the damage they deal by 1.This effect lasts until the grapple is broken.

Searing Chains

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