Solar Resurgence

Session 1

Coming Together

(Nilir) and elephant tossed into ancient tomb, finds scythe of long dead Deathlord and claims it as his own.

(Leo Yaegar) – Attempts to fight Fair Folk, gets paid for mercenary work after first being thought dead.

(Kalosh) – Learns the story of (Deathlord name) and that removing scythe released undead creatures held in check by scythe. Created fact that there are Greater Bushbaby’s that are the size of a large man.

(Baval Sun) – Meets group and freaks them out with his giant snake. Heal/stabilizes injured slaves, takes over dart board/plays darts at the Camel’s Hump.


- First impressions are important -
Baval “I have no intent to bring harm, I was just drawn to this location”

-Boulder crashes into elephant

Shanes Character (Grabs Baval by the collar of his Armor) “Was this your plan all along!?”

Jim Character (I think he instigated like “YEAH! Don’t trust the snake guy!” cant recall though)

Baval “I had nothing to do with that…” (FUCKING REALLY…)

Session 1
Vlorax Vlorax

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